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Security Cameras

Live Monitoring

Sandru Monitoring Designs, Deploys, Maintains, and Actively Monitors Security Solutions that are tailored for your business.


Remote video monitoring is one of the most affordable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional security guard services.


With a professional remote monitoring service, you can have your entire property discreetly monitored after hours or up to 24 hours a day through your Camera System. This allows you to put your mind at ease so you can focus on running your business.

Saving you more of your budget to spend on things that are profit generating rather than loss prevention.

We offer multiple monitoring packages allowing you to select the right protection for your business and budget.

No traditional security system allows you deter or prevent crime.

Due to the nature of traditional security systems, they are activated once a break-in occurs and is verified. Traditional monitoring companies require two to three consecutive triggers before placing multiple calls to verify the break in before calling local authorities. They do this because false alarms are commonplace and costly to the owner. The downside to this is that it takes time and is not given the priority of a verified incident. Criminals then have a greater chance to avoid capture.

Sandru Monitoring enables you to prevent false alarms and give the police live confirmation of an active incident to prioritize the call appropriately. Additionally, We will engage the intruder with live two-way communication to let them know that we are watching and the authorities will be called if they attempt to engage in unlawful activities. This will deter most criminals before the crime takes place. 


Never Go Through Security Footage Again
Sandru Monitoring helps save clients time and money by providing summary reports of relevant footage and data documenting incidents.


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