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Construction in Progress
Abstract Background


Are your tools, materials, and equipment safe?


Because no two construction sites are the same, risk mitigation can be a difficult task. To ensure a safe and secure environment, access control, number plate recognition, perimeter protection, fire detection and hardhat detection are just some of the solutions we offer that will help protect key areas and reduce risk.

Solution Highlights

  • Avoid damage to property and casualties.

  • Comprehensively improve the level of industry supervision.

  • Offers early fire and smoke detection.

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring with an active deterrence system.

  • Supports health and safety of workers.

  • Provides an early warning for the unauthorized entry of people or vehicles.

  • Remote supervision and real-time alarm handling

Perimeter Protection

Sandru Monitoring's Perimeter Protection solutions are designed to provide a highly efficient, reliable, cost-effective and visual security system powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. High-definition and AI-enabled security products can offer precise and predictive intrusion alerts and record detailed visual information in real-time.


  • Closed management, prohibiting unauthorized entrance, especially at night.

  • People and vehicle classification based on AI intelligence.

  • Lower false alarms, high accuracy, stable operation.


Hard Hat Detection


Hard hat detection automatically detects when a hardhat is missing in dangerous areas, therefore reducing the potential risk and improving safety for construction workers.

Staff Management



Make sure your workers adhere to safety regulations and your business is compliant with privacy legislation. Accurate personnel data and time and attendance records in real-time are available in dashboard reports, making management of workers more efficient.

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